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PACStats 2.0

For over a decade, PACStats has been an invaluable resource for performing arts organizations and the facilities they inhabit. The interactive, on-line platform is designed to serve varying tiers of user groups, from large-scale performing arts centers to single-house venues. PACStats was developed to provide benchmark data for crucial functions, including building operations, development, human resources, programming, as well as sales, press, advertising, and marketing. As a reporting tool, PACStats enables informed decision-making at every level of the enterprise.

PACStatsThe latest iteration of the software efficiently collates user input data, serves a broader range of users, allows dynamic filtering and customization, and integrates with VenueCube’s cloud-based front-of-house reporting tool, ActivityCube.

In addition to online features and functions, PACStats members gather annually to discuss trends, data, and review AMS ‘state of the field’ observations. In the coming year, AMS looks forward to the expansion of our user community as we continue to provide unparalleled data quality to the performing arts industry.

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