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Connecting the World through Dance

DanceMotion USA is a diplomacy program of the U.S. Department of State, produced by the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), designed to foster cultural partnerships, promote mutual understanding, and enhance relationships between the U.S. and world populations. For 2015, BAM has engaged AMS Planning & Research for a fourth consecutive year to evaluate the effectiveness of the program, cite ways to maximize engagement, and suggest ways to improve internal program logistics, services, and policies.

U.S. Department of StateThe international dance collaboration project includes both touring and residency components. In 2014, three U.S. dance companies traveled to Turkey, Tajikistan, Armenia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Taiwan and China, where the program reached local communities and underserved populations. The residency program partnered U.S., Turkish, and Armenian dancers, who presented an original piece linking the styles of their respective choreographers.

AMS looks forward to continuing to assist BAM in modeling success for this significant global endeavor.

To learn more about DanceMotion, read about their recent tour in Taiwan, or watch a performance of a collaborative from 2014.

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