PolicyCommunities, and their arts and cultural sectors, are faced with an evolving range of challenges and opportunities far beyond the abilities of any one organization to address. Arts and cultural groups are seeing continually changing audience behavior and increased competition for their customers’ leisure time and spending. Foundations are shifting priorities and becoming laser-focused on demonstrating impact. More than ever communities are competing to attract creative residents and knowledge industries, encourage economic development, and promote community vitality.

AMS works with arts groups, local governments, businesses, schools, and foundations in cities across the U.S. to develop policies and strategies that promote the long-term success of their arts, cultural, and entertainment institutions. We have developed ground-breaking studies on community arts systems and the factors that drive their success. In the process, we have brought community and arts leaders the research, tools, and evidence they need to create public value and thriving cultural environments.

Our policy and cultural planning services include:

  • Sector-wide vitality analysis
  • Cultural policy and planning
  • Community-wide funding strategies


“AMS has been a great partner to BAM on major initiatives over many years. AMS has always proven to be not only reliable, thorough, and focused, but also creative and passionate about their work.”
Karen Hopkins, President, Brooklyn Academy of Music