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Since its founding in 1988, AMS has gained international recognition for its counsel on a range of important planning projects across North America and around the world. Our team has participated in the successful development of more than $5 billion in capital facilities for the arts. We have guided feasibility studies, project development efforts and provided implementation planning on arts and cultural projects of every type and every scale. Our team is as comfortable with small projects as with those costing hundreds of millions of dollars.

AMS has taken on a leadership role in the dialogue about the changing dynamics of the arts and cultural sector as a whole and the related impact on organizations and facilities. Our work helps leaders to reexamine the status quo and "reā€¢think" what it means to be successful. Our notion of moving from "sustainable" to "vital" enterprises is based in fundamental changes about how success is defined, how arts enterprises engage with their communities and their partners, and by redefining an effective and efficient business model. A model that must recognize that success is measured not only by activity and excellence, but also by the effectiveness and entanglement in community.

Our consulting services cluster into four categories

Edmonton -- Downtown Academic and Cultural Centre

Edmonton -- Downtown Academic and Cultural Centre

AMS Planning & Research (AMS) was hired in May 2012 to prepare the Business Case for the Edmonton Performing Arts Center (EPAC), which is one of three components in the proposed Edmonton -- Downtown Academic and Cultural Campus (E-DACC). E-DACC will also include facilities for the University of Alberta Department of Music and the Department of Art and Design, as well as commercial office and retail space.

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