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The PACStats Salary Survey is special component of our comprehensive PACStats service, conducted during the Winter/Spring by AMS Planning & Research Corp. Data is provided through an online response system.

The report includes compensation, benefits, bonus and demographics information for the Principal Administration and Department Heads. These positions were selected by a committee comprising the CEOs of the participating performing arts centers with the assumption that these are the positions for which a national/international search would be conducted. The following positions are included in the report:

  • PAC Stats Salary SurveyPrincipal Administrator
  • Second-in-Charge
  • Box Office Manager
  • Building Director
  • Controller
  • Development Director
  • Planned Giving Officer
  • Education Director
  • Events Manager
  • Finance Director
  • House Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • IT Director
  • Operations Director
  • Personnel Director
  • Programming Director
  • Director of Real Estate
  • Technical Director
  • Volunteer Services Manager
  • Public Relations Director

The data presented in the report includes “same-stores analysis.” All figures describing only one year use the entire fiscal year respondent group. Figures that compare year over year data use a respondent group of centers that have participated in the survey for every one of those years and provided data for that particular position or question. This has been done to provide the most accurate analysis of the compensation data.

PAC Stats Salary Survey

As part of a Center’s participation in the PACStats Benchmarking Survey, participants are automatically subscribed to the PACStats Salary Survey. Centers who only want to participate in the Salary Survey may do so for an annual fee. Contact us for more information.

If you are interested in participating in PACStats or the PACStats Salary Survey, please contact us at (203) 256-1616 or via email at . We look forward to hearing from you!


"The PACStats reports are an invaluable resource for our industry. We use them frequently to measure our effectiveness and efficiency in numerous areas of our business, to identify and monitor trends, and as reliable data source for management decision making and Board reporting."
Brian L. Finck, CFO, Orange County Performing Arts Center