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Allen Independent School District
Client / Allen Independent School District, Allen, TX
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In August 2011, Allen Independent School District (AISD) in Allen, Texas, engaged AMS Planning & Research Corp. (AMS) to undertake a potential users study for its new $28 million Performing Arts Center. The facility, which opened in the fall of 2011, includes a 1,500 seat auditorium, as well as banquet, lobby and gallery spaces. In addition, it has backstage and support spaces, including dressing rooms, a green room, scene shop and costume shop.

In order to assess potential use of the facility, AMS completed the following tasks:

  1. a Background Review, which consisted of a material view of documents pertinent to the project and Key Informant Interviews with project stakeholders
  2. a Market Assessment, which included a Potential Users Survey and a Local Facilities and Competitive Venues Assessment
  3. Policies and Procedures tasks, which included Best Practices Research, School Use Profile and Policy Recommendations
  4. Quantification of Potential Use (an activity schedule) and Revenue Estimates
    a Final Report

The facility, which is bustling with student activity, can also be used by outside renters and results in a wide range of program offerings for local and surrounding communities.