AMS Planning & Research Corp.
Client / Theatre Communications Group
Services / Audience/Market Research

AMS Planning & Research was engaged by Theatre Communications Group (TCG) in 2013 to provide research expertise for its Audience (R)Evolution program.

Audience (R)Evolution is a multi-year program designed by TCG and funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.  The purpose of the program is to study, promote and support successful audience engagement models across the country.  The program builds off of the success of TCG’s 12-year New Generations: Future Audiences program.

Comprising four components, which took place over a three-year period, AMS conducted the research and assessment portion of the program.  Other parts of the project included a convening focused around audience engagement, TCG grant-making and widespread dissemination of audience engagement models that work.

Specific AMS tasks included an audience engagement focused literature review, participation in the convening, an institutional survey, audience survey, depth interviews with theatre companies across the country and case studies.  Ultimately, AMS assessed the best audience engagement models and explored how and why they work.