AMS Planning & Research Corp.
Culture Works, Dayton, Ohio
Client / Culture Works, Dayton, Ohio
Services / Audience/Market Research

AMS Planning & Research was engaged by Culture Works of Dayton, Ohio to conduct regional market research on arts and cultural participation.  This research was conducted thanks to the generous support of the Greater Dayton Cultural and Arts Initiative Fund of The Dayton Foundation.  The driving force for this research was to lay the groundwork for the development of a future Cultural Master Plan by Culture Works for the Dayton, Ohio region.

The arts and cultural participation research was broken down into a secondary and primary research task.  The secondary research task was an arts and cultural participant data file analysis.  Thirteen arts and cultural organizations supplied AMS with customer records for analysis.  The main purpose of this task was to define a market profile for arts and culture in the Dayton, Ohio region, understand the level of penetration present in the marketplace, determine the potential for future market growth and engaging new audiences and understand what other interests and activities arts and cultural participants engage in.

The primary research task surveyed two distinct populations: those who currently participate in arts and cultural activities within the Dayton, Ohio region and those who do not.  An online survey was administered to understand arts and cultural participation levels, both inside and outside the Dayton, Ohio region, interest in various types of arts and cultural programming, motivations for engaging in arts and cultural activities, barriers to participation for those who do not currently participate, as well as increased participation for current arts and cultural participants and opinions of affinity for arts and cultural offerings in the Dayton, Ohio region.