AMS Planning & Research Corp.
River to River Festival
Client / Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Services / Audience/Market Research

New York, New York

In May of 2012, AMS Planning & Research was engaged by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council to conduct an audience survey of the 2012 River to River Festival, held in various locations throughout Lower Manhattan.  The primary goals of this survey were as follows:

  • Understand the demographics of the overall audience base, as well as for specific types of performances
  • Understand the motivations, satisfaction levels and opinions of the overall experience of the festival audience
  • Understand the economic impact of the festival on Lower Manhattan business and tourism
  • Understand whether or not sponsorship of the festival positively or negatively affects the opinions of individuals about a company

AMS designed an intercept survey, which was executed utilizing mobile surveying technologies to provide fast and efficient survey data collection.  A supplemental online survey was created to capture as much feedback as possible.  The result was a robust understanding of the 2012 festival audience.  A trends analysis was also undertaken identifying changes in audience composition, festival impact on Lower Manhattan and opinions of the festival-going experience.