AMS Planning & Research Corp.
Shubert Theater
Client / City of New Haven, CT
Services / Policy, Planning
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AMS Planning & Research was engaged by the City of New Haven’s Office of Economic Development to document past investments in the City owned Shubert Theater, to understand the costs and benefits of the Shubert’s current operating structure, to identify operating and financial structures that will allow the Shubert to thrive in the future, and to explore the possibility of structuring a deal between the City and the current operators of the building, the Connecticut Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA).

AMS launched its study by conducting a thorough review of extensive background materials provided by the City and CAPA, including both historical background and future planning documents, to gain an understanding of the past and potential future investment of the City into the Shubert Theater. Meetings were held with City and CAPA leadership to understand the current views on methods for future success of the Shubert, and the desired outcomes of a potential long term operating relationship or a transfer of ownership of the Shubert Theater to either CAPA or another operator if appropriate.

AMS issued a summary research report and recommendations intended to provide guidance as the City determined the best course for keeping the Shubert a vital part of New Haven for its second hundred years.