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Staten Island Children's Museum
Client / City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs
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City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs
Staten Island Children’s Museum Business Plan
Staten Island, New York

AMS Planning & Research was engaged in February 2012 by the City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs and the Staten Island Children’s Museum (SICM) to guide SICM in the development of a Strategic Business Plan.  Working with a committee comprised of staff, Board members and individuals from the community, the planning work took place in three stages: the situation analysis, defining success and the strategic business plan.

The SITUATION ANALYSIS looked at where the organization was at the start of the planning process.  Even with a significant recent reduction in staff and investment in the exhibits over the last five years, the Museum continues to offer over 40 types of programs and services in 12 distinct areas, such as weekday, weekend, group, school and free admission opportunities.  In addition to exhibits, approximately 600 individual public activities were offered on-site in 2011.

In seeking to DEFINE SUCCESS for the Museum, five distinct themes provided a framework in shaping SICM’s approach to ensuring a healthy organization, serving its mission and achieving future success.  The five themes were as follows: 1) Improve the visitor experience, 2) Increase and diversify participation, 3) Ensure SICM’s relevance and vitality through community engagement, 4) Increase and diversify contributed revenue sources and 5) Develop the Board to respond effectively to SICM’s mission and future vision.

AMS developed a set of STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN recommendations, in consultation with SICM staff, which served as the basis for an Activity Profile that details the goals, objectives, outcomes, resources needed and responsible party for each recommendation.  These recommendations focused on three operational areas and the necessary resources required to execute.  The three key areas of focus were the visitor experience, marketing and the Board.  A pro-forma was custom-developed to reflect the current operation and future plans for SICM, trends in children’s museums and operational norms.

An IMPLEMENTATION PLAN & ONGOING ASSESSMENT MEASURES ROADMAP to success for SICM was also developed by the planning committee, staff and Board.  The plan details the resources needed, the timeline for implementation and the responsible party(s) for realizing the specific tasks that will guide the organization to success.