AMS Planning & Research Corp.
Valdosta Municipal Auditorium
Client / IPG Architects / City of Valdosta, Georgia
Services / Planning, Audience/Market Research

In December 2011, AMS Planning & Research was engaged by IPG Architects, as part of a larger study team, to assess the opportunity to construct a new Municipal Auditorium at Five Points in Valdosta, Georgia.  Our charge was to assess market and program potential and to prepare a detailed organizational and financial operating plan to achieve that opportunity.

Working closely with the architects and design team, AMS reviewed all pertinent documentation, including previous venue-related reports, studied current utilization of Mathis Auditorium and met with current and potential users of a new facility.  Using a market segmentation system, developed in partnership with the Nielsen Corporation, AMS analyzed the size and characteristics of the local market for performing arts and cultural activities.  AMS also studied other area venues that could be considered to be competitive in nature to a new facility.

Comparable Facilities Case Studies were developed for venues in three communities similar in nature and composition to Valdosta.  Through interviews with each organization, data collected was complemented by an understanding of best practices, as well as challenges these communities have faced, in developing a new civic and performance venue.  Finally, a draft activity model for the new venue was developed in order to project staffing and related operating finances for a new municipal auditorium in Valdosta.