Rethinking SuccessIt is no surprise that there are extraordinary forces of change and evolution facing arts and cultural organizations. But what seems continually surprising to our clients and our colleagues is the way that traditional, reliable tools of our industry no longer work. Today, it is no longer sufficient for arts leaders, planners, funders, and policy makers to rethink their methods. It is necessary, we believe, to rethink success.

Going forward, success will reach beyond being sustainable. Organizations will need to secure access to resources, reinvest in themselves and create public value to become ‘vital,’ contributing community assets.

In our evolving initiative, Rethinking Success, we are reframing and revisiting more than 25 years of service to arts and culture, and building new ideas and tools for cultural organizations to move forward. Here, you’ll find articles, insights, resources, and examples of how we are helping leaders rethink success, and what we are learning as we do. We invite you to join the conversation.

We’re excited to work closely with our clients and our colleagues to define this new era by Rethinking Success. We look forward to learning along with you, and we’ll find many ways to share and encourage your feedback. Join us!

Recent Posts

Arts Centre Melbourne

The Evolved Performing Arts Center

The modern performing arts centers has evolved significantly over the past 60 years. Steven A. Wolff describes that evolution in what a PAC is and does in its community.
Number 9

Nine Essential Innovations

On the path to fundamental change in the way the arts do business, we have identified nine ‘essential innovations’ to become more effective and engaged arts and cultural institutions.
New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Rethinking New Jersey

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center, under the leadership of its Founding CEO Larry Goldman and now, his successor, John Schreiber, offers exceptional examples of our continuing themes of effectiveness, entanglement, and rethinking success.
Strategic Triangle Revisited

The Strategic Triangle

In this post, we'll introduce a framework that we've found productive in helping clients and communities ''rethink success.'' The framework is called the ''Strategic Triangle.''
Sustainable to Vital

From Sustainable to Vital

Behind all the complex questions we've helped our clients and colleagues answer over 25 years, a short and simple one has been the most persistent: "What's next?"