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Transforming History into the Future

New York’s historic waterfront has a bold proposal for a new island-like park and performance venue. AMS played an early role in its development. The $170 million Pier 55 initiative would build a unique public space with three performance venues on a platform above the Hudson River.

The Proposed Pier 55AMS was commissioned in 2013 to work with project leadership to explore programming and market potential for the initiative. The critical first task was to refine the concept and define success in a city where the traditional meets the innovative, and continually stretches the boundaries of both. AMS suggested and tested programmatic ideas, analyzed the regional residential market and the potential for cultural tourism, detailed the competitive environment, and developed case studies of other inventive place-based venues worldwide. AMS also developed operating concepts and financial modeling, exploring the nature and magnitude of revenues and expenses, to aid project philanthropists in critical early decision-making.

The project could provide new opportunities for creative artists and audiences, as well as exciting new site specific programming and enable the formation of global partnerships to promote non-traditional art forms.  For more information on the initiative, see the related article in the New York Times.


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