AMS Principal Steven Wolff Delivers Keynote at Ro.ME Museum Exhibition

On Thanksgiving Day, AMS Principal Steven Wolff remotely delivered a keynote address,  “Reimagining Return – New Models post-COVID?” to the third edition of the Ro.Me Museum Exhibition. The address, entitled “Recovery…or Transformation?” exemplified the theme of the ‘digital transition’ that the museum industry has embarked on since the onset of social gathering limitations imposed by the world wide pandemic and long-term changes they will face. Mr. Wolff cited several critical points in sustaining the arts and cultural industry from the need to continue to provide value, to imagining new platforms, both analog and digital, to increase accessibility and deliver content in ways that enhance understanding and performance. He also outlined the 5 stages of return as the journey by which public participation would be expanded and restored post-Covid.

Accompanying interviews can be found on Ag|Cult and exibart.



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