AMS Planning & Research Corp.

AMS Analytics, the research practice of AMS Planning & Research Corp., has accumulated unparalleled information resources and industry expertise through years of research for arts and cultural organizations from New York to Sydney.

Our PAC Stats service is the industry’s only longitudinal benchmarking survey of performing arts centers, with deep data on operations, salaries, utilities, marketing expenditure, revenue, occupancy, and a full range of other essential statistics.

Over the past 25 years, our benchmarking and operations practice has built a level of insight, expertise, and strategic knowledge that can help your organization make best use of your time, talent, and resources.

"The PACStats annual report provides -- in a confidential setting -- a broad and deep context for our operating data. The longitudinal data, assembled in a consistent and disciplined manner, is a rock-solid resource for us. The report allows us…to look at our data differently and to apply objective, quantified measurements. AMS works closely with PACStats users to provide report enhancements providing readability and identifying trends."
Bobbie Arbesfeld, Executive VP & COO, New Jersey Performing Arts Center