AMS Planning & Research Corp.

We’re pleased and proud when our work can serve not only the success of individual clients, but also the resilience of the larger arts and culture field. This page includes links and listings of some of the long-form articles, chapters, reports, and resources we’ve developed that are available to the public.

Performing Arts Center Management

AMS President Steven A. Wolff contributed a chapter entitled “The Evolution of the Performing Arts Center: What Does Success Look Like?” to the 2017 Routledge book, Performing Arts Center Management.

The Evolved Performing Arts Center

In an article for Arts Centre Melbourne’s magazine, Encore, AMS Principal Steven A. Wolff details the evolution of “public value” among a particularly complex group of arts organizations: performing arts centers.

Audience Revolution Case Studies

As part of our Audience (R)Evolution work with Theatre Communications Group, AMS compiled data and prepared case studies on eight companies that incorporate audience engagement as a fundamental component of their service and mission.



Rethinking SuccessIn addition to these published works, AMS is developing an on-going, online discussion series, Rethinking Success, reframing and revisiting more than 25 years of service to arts and culture, and building new ideas and tools for cultural organizations to move forward. Here, you’ll find articles, insights, resources, and examples of how we are helping leaders rethink success, and what we are learning as we do. We invite you to join the conversation.