Gregory Keng Strasser


Gregory is a fellow with AMS. He has also served as the 2020 Allen Lee Hughes Directing Fellow at Arena Stage.

A prolific arts leader, director, and writer, his creative work has spanned the globe in cities including Bangkok, Thailand; Bali, Indonesia; Holstebro, Denmark; New York City, Los Angeles; Washington DC; and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Gregory holds a BFA from the University of Michigan and was a part of the 2019 Cohabitation Cohort at Odin Teatret.


What drew you to the arts?

This is a difficult question! I am not drawn to every art, but the art that I love is narrative-driven, epic in scope, wrestles with big ideas, and guides me on journeys of transformation. I love the arts on two fronts: Intellectually, I get great satisfaction when I gain empathy or knowledge. Spiritually, I love the discomfort or joy one feels when participating in the arts, because it can result in transformative power like healing or growing. Most of all, I love the communities which art is born from. Art is really about people, and being in community is what keeps me going.


What drew you to Arts Administration?

As an artist and an arts leader, arts administration is a crucial skillset that I need in order to build the anti-racist, creative, and excellent institutions I want in the world.


What is your focus within Arts Administration?

I am primarily interested in strategy, advancement/development, EDI and anti-racism institutional building. A major question on my mind came from my mentor, Seema Sueko: “How can we reimagine the methods of delivery that theatres use to bring art to our audiences?”

What do you do in your spare time?

I run a Helen Hayes award winning theatre company ( with amazing artists, teach English to Chinese students, and work out. Recently I got into TikTok!

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