Jonathan Spangler


Jonathan provides AMS clients with the data and analysis they need to make the best-informed decision. He works out of the firm’s west coast office in Sacramento.

Jonathan brings nearly two decades of professional performance experience as a percussionist and nearly a decade as an arts manager. He served for six years as a percussionist and conductor for several concerts, while managing operations, finance, and human resources for the U.S. Army Band in Arizona and Germany.

What is most significant about the work that you do?

In today’s rapidly changing economies, arts and cultural institutions must be more agile and amenable to shifts. My work as a data analyst is paramount to providing leaders of organizations with the information they need to quickly understand the context they operate in, shifts in their community, and projections for the future of their institution.

What are the changes that you see most impacting the sector today?

The idea that arts and cultural not-for-profits must be inclusive is an evolving dialogue with organizations. The need to serve the whole community while protecting artistic expression and preserving artistic history is a challenge, and we are working with clients to make informed and compassionate actions regarding inclusion. We have observed shifts in programming, marketing, and fundraising because of the focus on inclusion.

Who are your most recent clients?

I am grateful to have worked with several clients across North America. In Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, we are guiding municipal leaders towards decisions about future performing arts center plans. Here in California, we are helping large and small not-for-profit organizations make tough decisions amidst challenging socio-economic divides.

What do you do in your spare time?

Most of all, my pugs and my spouse are my spare time. My second hobby in life is collecting and constructing LEGO modules, which you may very well see used in our AMS client exercises! We enjoy visiting Napa Valley, relaxing at home, and gardening. As musicians, we take every chance we can to visit the San Francisco Symphony or engage with our arts community here in Sacramento.

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