Martha Wood

Knowledge Manager

Martha has been with AMS for over two decades as collector and keeper of AMS’s wealth of industry knowledge. In the rapidly changing world of technology and knowledge management, Martha has created and collaborated on new methods of researching, retaining, organizing, and analyzing data that is critical to advancing the arts and cultural sector.

With Martha’s background in the corporate field and her life experience, she has become an integral part of the AMS team and our service to communities and organizations across North America and wherever AMS goes.

What is most significant about the work that you do?

AMS had the foresight to create a database tool to store and accumulate information on how organizations in the sector work. This gives AMS a unique ability to access benchmarking research that it is focused and specialized. I have continued to expand and update this database, with diligence and pride, to preserve the integrity of the information regarding operating structures, financial analysis, programs, activity, attendance, and more so that we can pass on to our clients the best advice for their future endeavors.

Because I am so close to the raw data entries, I am able to help assure the accuracy of the analysis that is being used in our Anlaytics tool that our clients rely on for comparisons to their peers.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to read (mysteries) and shop (for clothes!) I love the holidays and am always looking forward to catching up with family and friends, especially those that are not close to home.

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