Melora Cybul

Project Manager

Since joining AMS in 2015, Melora has contributed to over 40 projects in facilities and business planning, operations assessment, program design, and industry research. One of her strengths is connecting the dots between numerous details to shed light on key themes and the path forward.

What is most significant about the work that you do?

It is often our role to help leaders wrestle with their most challenging questions. These questions are multi-faceted and complex, so our work often begins with developing a shared definition of success. I enjoy being part of a dedicated team of thought partners helping clients make well-informed decisions about their organizations and communities.

Where is the greatest opportunity for the sector today?

Over the past several years, we’ve seen a shift in the very definiton of arts and culture. With this shift, a transformation in how spaces are used, staffed, designed, and reimagined is taking place. The sector has an opportunity to thoughtfully reinvent and reinvest to be more inclusive of all art forms and all communities.

Who are your most recents clients?

I’ve worked with clients coast to coast, each with a unique challenge at hand. Recently, I’ve been exploring the role of performing arts in Fresno and Berkeley, California, Nashville, and Charlottesville, democratizing data and processes in Tempe and Cincinnati, and moving from strategic plan to design in Naples, Florida.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love being outdoors, often  hiking or playing disc golf with my family. I also spend a fair amount of time at the gym to counteract my lack of self-control around ice cream. I’m a dabbler when it comes to arts and culture (both as consumer and practitioner). I love to see and try new forms.

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