Renée Cox


Renée is a 2015 graduate of Howard University with a degree in Advertising. She’s currently an MFA candidate at UConn studying Arts Administration.

What drew you to the arts?

I’ve lived my entire life in the arts. At about 2 years old I started dancing at the Artists Collective in Hartford, CT. I started at Howard as a dance major.

What drew you to Arts Administration?

What I learned as a dance major was that I was much more driven to make sure my friends had all the resources they needed to continue in their artistry. I took some administration courses, and I loved them. I loved the problem-solving aspect and learning about what happens behind the scene in arts & culture institutions. So much has to happen before a program can be produced, and I love doing that work.

What is your focus within Arts Administration?

Instead of pursuing a BFA in Arts Administration, I went to the school of communications and honed my marketing and advertising skills. I was also a theatre minor. For me, communications and audience development is key. Currently I’m looking to find ways arts & culture institutions can become more inclusive. I’d like to see audiences that look like the general population. I’d like to see institutions champion equity, inclusion, and diversity.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to read, play around in photoshop, and dance. I also bake, and I’m always up for a trip to the theater.

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